Impulse. Theory.

The theory. The proof of an opportunity of reception of external force in the "closed" system ".

 Let's consider the following problem.

Let we have a «closed, isolated» system. It will consist of three bodies in weights m1 m2 and m3. We shall agree, that weights of all bodies are equal. Initially all system is based. (speed=0) Bodies m1 m2 are connected by not deformable, weightless string to the plate - screen m3, as shown in figure 1.

centrefugal accelerator

R1, and R2 - distances from a point O up to a point of application of force. Distances L1=L2=l from a point O up to bodies m1 m2 and let they at us are equal.

At the moment of time t1 on bodies m1 m2 (further it is simple bodies 1,2 or 3) force has worked on the part of 3 which informed them pulses Р1 Р2 accordingly.

According to III law of Newton which says, that in inertial system of readout of force of interaction of two bodies are equal on the module and opposite on a direction. In other words, with what force the body 3 has worked on 1 and 2, is exact with the same force of a body 1 and 2 have worked on 3.

The general mechanical pulse of system:

Закон сохранения импульса

As bodies 1 and 2 have started to rotate concerning a point About, in a vertical plane that in process their movement on some arch on them will operate centrifugal force Fц1&2. force F equal will counteract which to the vector sum of forces-Fц1-Fц2 in a point O.

centrefugal accelerator

Centrifugal force is external force for the given system, and for anyone rotating systems as, making work against this force it is possible to change energy of rotating system (an example - bench Gukovski, changing radius of rotating bodies, we receive a gain of angular speed and as consequence increase in kinetic energy of these bodies).

And so, in a point About two forces will operate.-Fц1-Fц2 Force F is result of vector addition of forces. During that time while centrifugal forces operate, all system as a whole will receive some acceleration, due to action of force-Fцр. 

centrefugal accelerator

centrefugal accelerator

The given problem is considered only in general for understanding of behaviour of system as a result of above mentioned influence. Fidelity of above mentioned statements confirms the experience which has been carried out in domestic conditions. In the given experience the system has received a pulse resulted in growth of weight of system.


No impulse.

One impulse possible, no train of impulse.