Molotilov motor

Molotilov field electric motor. The operating principals of motor work is fairly simple. Let’s try to develop logically the idea of mechanical repulsion from reference body. Let just imagine that we are jumping to water from the boat, we made it move contrariwise. Let’s complicate the test. Put one magnet on the other one. The first one will repulsed, or pulled of – depending on the position of  the poles. The cross-coupling occurs without any contact with a help of the fields. What could be if we had only the field of the magnet instead of it, is the repulsion possible in this condition? Probably yes. While this situation is hardly probable, so let’s take the only idea and think about electromagnetics – here we can operate with force field in a wide sense. We have two parallel conductors A and B, the distance between them is R. They are deenergized, and the force of its electrodynamic cross-coupling is null. Than allow the current impulse I with certain length go through the conductor A

Электрический звездный двигатель формула

The electromagnetic field will appear with induction В2, which will “reach” B after 0,5τ. Now allow the current go through B with the equal period of time. During cross–coupling with the field В2, it will cause  Ampere force FA, applied to conductor B, which will gain the force impulse, so called shift. The first conductor will stay rest: that to the moment when the field of conductor B comes to the space of conductor A, the last one will be deenergized. For the increase of efficiency rate there is a possibility to apply impulse through A but with reverse direction. The force will be doubled. So why can’t we put these conductors in spaceship? But there are a lot of questions appear. The first one, how can we call this type of motor? Rocket, radio or “field”? As we can see it is based on the leakage of electromagnetic field from the workspace. Actually the complex mathematical research of energy and weight of its fields show us that under overlay in the time and space and the weight of summary field are focused in the direction which is reverse to propulsion force. Formulas show us that space-time lens is appeared – gravity-free equivalent of ideal mirror of photonfly machine which focuses radio waves power of the spaceship. Through invisible muzzle the spaceship moving on the speed of light provides materials in a form fields which can have energy and weight. The top possible speed of weight emission V=C can make us think that we got the particular limit of spaceship weight emission. The total efficiency rate is 10-15% because of absence of actual technical equipment which can “focus” space-time lens. The main settings for “field” motor are obeyed the simple formula, which shows physical sense of its pulling – reaction of eradiate through space-time lens of the field with weight М:

Электрический звездный двигатель формула

where FA – unbalanced Ampere force, which is calculated according to well-known  electrodynamic formulas, t – work time of motor. It connects such physical events as Ampere force and inert of electromagnet field and gives us imagination about unbalanced Ampere force as the eradiation reaction. Calculations show us that in special cases the one megawatt of energy, consumed by motor, can provoke the pull force in some kilograms.
An ideal photon motor with efficiency rate – 100% can give pull force less on one megawatt!
Any mistakes in calculations? No. The repeated calculation of specific pull force of new motor on another way – like reactions of weight eradiation of summary field of conductors A and B – give us the same result.
The physical interpretation can be the one: the weight of summary field AB of conductors A and B is in proportion to squared vector of tension E and is more bigger than of solo exist fields A and B.
“Small” efficiency rate of our motor gives us a small potential possibility of its modernization (increase of pull force from 15 to 100 percent with the same energy expenditure), that can permit us to use theory about spaceship which can have a bigger range than ideal photonfly ship. It’ll be difficult for photonfly ship to compete with a “field” motor spaceship. And not only by the higher efficiency rate. Motor with laser radiator can’t “provide” in constant mode enough energy for space travels, because the possible limit of density of the energy flow which is going through the volume of laser medium is relatively small. The motor will have giant and intolerable large size…

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