Field Engine Type 1 Star

Another idea is to move the engine in space.

This is the idea of the concept of a starship with an engine based on the interaction with the electromagnetic field of the star.

Полевой двигатель Тип 2. Планетарный

В основе звездно - планетарного двигателя лежат релятивистские принципы распространения электромагнитного поля и эффектов, которые возникают в результате взаимодействия данного поля с проводниками иди ферромагнетиками. Базовые принципы были описаны в статье "Сердце звездолета Мотовиловым.


Hyrodrive principles

Summary of the essence and principles of operation of the device.

Hyrodrive: Instead of Introduction. 

Hyrodrive Concept

Anisotropic impuls accelerator - Hyrodrive, this is my last idea. How you can overclock the system without changing its mass in a vacuum. Short-term impact on the pulse strength axis gyroscope does not change the direction of the axis. This explains one of the main properties of the gyroscope: axis of rotation retains its direction in space.

Hyrodrive Experiments

Video with experiments. Cart flywheel, single impulse and series of impulses. These videos show possibility center mass of the system to change the mechanical impulse, using theanisotropy of the processes happening diversely interactions.

Centrifugue - prototype 1

Experiment on integrity of payload capacity.

The centrifuge

The idea is simple: rotation of an object around the fixed point — the elementary way to reach high speed without excessive power consumption.