Field Engine Type 1 Star

Another idea is to move the engine in space.

This is the idea of the concept of a starship with an engine based on the interaction with the electromagnetic field of the star.

In thinking about how to move in space had the idea of using electromagnetic field of stars, as a medium for support. Due to the fact that the stars are a source of powerful electromagnetic fields.

The idea came after viewing and analyzing the video:

Everything is based on the properties of electromagnetic induction and properties of the gyroscope. During rotation, in a conductive ring the EMF is induced and an electric current is arises. Which in turn creates an electromagnetic field whose lines of force directed opposite to the exciting field. In consequence of the properties of the gyroscope to maintain the direction of the rotation axis of the interaction of two electromagnetic fields leads tomutual repulsion of the magnet and the gyroscope. Gyro flies and hovers at the pointwhere the repulsive force is balanced by the force of gravity. 

The same principle can be used in outer space. After the orientation of the spacecraft and giving it a rotary motion in a conductive circuit electric current is induced (to increase the force of interaction between electromagnetic fields and star ship). In consequence of the interaction of electromagnetic fields, the ship begins to be attracted to the star with a constant acceleration. The strength of the electromagnetic interaction is added to the gravitational force of attraction of a star. After the dispersal of the ship conductive circuit is broken, the rotation is stopped and committed disturbing maneuver. It gives an additional acceleration. On the way back from the star system again spins and changing the direction of the magnetic field of the conductive circuit. That allows again to obtain additional constant acceleration. After completing all maneuvers possible to obtain the speed of light and jump to commit to star system. He the whole process takes place in reverse order and ship decelerated. 

Star ship engine concept

For maneuvering and navigation using developed by me Hyrodrive. For take-off, landing on planetary objects and freight and crew used the shuttles. An additional plus of system - the convenience of habitat for the crew. In consequence of the rotation of a residential level - creating the effect of semi- gravity, which makes it easier to stay in outer space and allows long journey. 

Small introducion about starship engine from 13:07. I'll rebuild video presentation about this type of engine later.

Space ship with star engine type 1

Space ship with star engine

VERDICT: The idea is in the process of thinking and development. If you have ideas and suggestions - ready to cooperate.