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Many people thought of a problem of space and made interesting offers, but in aspiration to create something significant, pawned technology requirements not corresponding to a mental potential available for that period for achievement of result.

For dispersal till the big speed of liquid engines will be insufficiently. Process of dispersal assumes long and continuous work of the engine. That attracts excessively big charge of fuel and therefore weights of the dispersed device.

The problem will be where to find «a point of a support» in emptiness from which it will be possible to make a start?

To accelerate to high speed liquid engines is not enough. Acceleration process involves long and continuous operation of the engine. Which implies excessive fuel consumption and accelerates weight machine. The problem is where to find a " foothold " in the void from which it will be possible to push off? I think I found a solution to this problem. «Give me a fulcrum and I will move the world»(c). As one of the greats: Give me a fulcrum and I will move the world. On the pages of this site are published a few of my ideas on what you can push in outer space. The published materials are considered options of non inertial systems, in which the transformation of one form of energy into another, without any violation of fundamental and basic laws of physics.

The solution of this question:

  • Allows you to: Get cheap access to resources beyond the planet Earth. (Simply take than dig) Create highly mobile transport and combat aircraft that are not available to any of the modern air defense systems.
  • Principle of operation: Transformation and redistribution of energy within the system (the cart with a gun and a flywheel - example).
  • Practical proof: You can argue long and hard, proving who is better learned the content of the textbook, but experimental facts above theoretical calculations. The assumption is that after completion of the reaction the cart stand still will not be confirmed by repeated experiments.
  • Summary: Using electromagnetic energy instead of fuel. Cheapness. Ease of fabrication


12/03/2017 Experiment on integrity of payload capacity was performed

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