The lifter — the easy flying model using Bifeld's — Brown effect for creation of carrying power. Usually the design consists of an easy framework from balsa or polyfoam, a thin metal wire, ionizing air molecule, and the wide second electrode representing an equipotential surface, for example, of a thin metal foil. Various options of designs are possible, the greatest distribution was gained by options in the form of an equilateral triangle or a hexagon from six such triangles. Being connected to a source of high voltage model in case of observance of certain conditions can fly. Empirically consider that tension at which the greatest efficiency of draft is reached constitutes 1 kV on each millimeter of an air gap between electrodes. Force works in the direction of a thin electrode irrespective of polarity of the enclosed tension, in case of the application of different polarity some experimenters note distinction in draft force, in case of the beginning of electric breakdown and emergence the shnurovykh of categories carrying power disappears.