The centrifuge

The idea is simple: rotation of an object around the fixed point — the elementary way to reach high speed without excessive power consumption.

The centrifuge is intended for not rocket starts of spacecrafts with use of centrifugal acceleration, both on Earth orbit, and out of its limits.

The payload moves in the central part of the rotating accelerating canal. Under the influence of centrifugal force it moves to an extreme point and there is its emission in the set direction on means of the removing trunk. The concept works as ancient weapon – a prashch. If you twirl a shell in prashche quickly enough, after release it will be able to reach high speed and to cause to the opponent a serious loss. In 1687 Isaac Newton reflected on a down, metayushchy shells into the sky with such force that shells, having overcome a planet attraction whether came back. The idea was adopted by Americans, having initiated the HARP program. At the beginning of the 60th of the last century they decided "to shoot" at space by means of the modified sixteen-inch ship gun. Researchers managed to remove useful load on height in the 180th kilometer. Nevertheless, in 1967 the project was winded down.

In case of rotary motion the final speed of freight depends on the radius of the accelerating channel and frequency of its turnovers.


  • Economy of fuel when passing dense beds of the atmosphere
  • The cost of a conclusion of 1 kg of useful load is much cheaper than rocket start
  • Simplicity of a design of the accelerating centrifuge