Hyrodrive Concept

Anisotropic impuls accelerator - Hyrodrive, this is my last idea. How you can overclock the system without changing its mass in a vacuum. Short-term impact on the pulse strength axis gyroscope does not change the direction of the axis. This explains one of the main properties of the gyroscope: axis of rotation retains its direction in space.

Anisotropic impuls accelerator the device that allows you to overclock your system without changing its mass. It is based on the principle of anisotropy - dissimilarity of properties of interactions in different directions.

  • It allows to: Get cheap access to resources beyond the planet. ( Take, not dig ) Create highly mobile transport and aircraft which is not available to any of the modern air defense systems.
  • Principle of operation: Transformation and redistribution of energy within the system.
  • Theoretical proof : The theoretically principles which laid down in the framework of this engine were tested by a series of practical experiments and mathematical calculations
  • Summary: Using electromagnetic energy instead of fuel Cheapness Ease of fabrication [!!!]

Note: (Properties of free gyroscope)

  • Free gyroscope preserves the position of the axis of rotation in space.
  • Free gyroscope is resistant to impact.
  • If an external force tends to rotate around the axis gyroscope, then he turns around each other , perpendicular to it. 

In a second experiment were obtained permanent repetitive impulses that led to a significant increase in the speed of the trolley. As the development of ideas with the flywheel - it can replace a gyroscope and apply effects to his suspension frame.

Чертеж гиродрайва

Чертежи первой модели.

Principle: The pulses of current in the electromagnetic coils generate an electromagnetic field pulses, which act on the magnetic insert into the frame-suspended of the gyroscope. One part of the force pair of linearly accelerates the system, second part of the force - it spins on its axis (This is due to the precession of gyroscopes)